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The CivWorld Experiment: A Preface July 29, 2011

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Starting on Monday we’re going to engage in a little experiment here in the Pixelation Room. If you’re not aware, Kotaku’s Civilized Game Club will be looking at Sid Meier’s CivWorld – the persistent, free-to-play (yes, that again) Facebook iteration of Sid Meier’s Civilization. I’ll be participating in the discussion about this game and posting a review here on Pixelation Room. That being said, I want to lay out some points I’ll be exploring as this experiment goes on. First and foremost,  gamers can’t really ignore mobile and browser games anymore. Zynga, the company behind Farmville and other games your mom plays on Facebook, has the potential to make over a billion dollars in the next year: Face it, mobile games are a real thing. They’re addicting time sinks that expertly play on the psychological reward system built into the brains of human beings, and they’re one of the big reasons people use facebook. As late as last year, sixty percent of Facebook’s traffic came from people playing online games. Mark Zuckerberg should probably thank Zynga for all the traffic, but his future looks grim right now:

Read more at The Oatmeal

Lastly, I want to address this game not just as a social game but as part of the Civilization pantheon. I’ve been a huge geek for the Civ series ever since my house was gifted with a computer fast enough to run Civ III, and I can already see some similarities in mechanics between Civ V and this Facebook-based social game. It’s going to be an interesting experience, and I hope we learn something.


[Rant] JRPGs vs. WRPGs May 15, 2010

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When I posted the first TPR Debate, about the state of RPGs, I made the bold claim that I do not consider Mass Effect 2 to be an RPG. I also said that was an argument for another time. Well, it seems now is that time.

In an interview with Strategy Informer (full text here), Daniel Erickson, writing director for Bioware, gave us several cool tidbits about upcoming MMO The Old Republic. He also was asked about Final Fantasy XIII. He said:

“Well, before I address the main point I just want to take a slightly more controversial route: You can put a ‘J’ in front of it, but it’s not an RPG. You don’t make any choices, you don’t create a character, you don’t live your character… I don’t know what those are – adventure games maybe? But they’re not RPG’s.”

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m the only person on the planet that loves Final Fantasy XIII, so this isn’t about that. It’s about that last part. He more or less says that if a Role Playing Game does not offer character creation or choice then it just isn’t an RPG. I can see where he is coming from, he’s Bioware after all, the company that’s leading the charge for in-game choice, but he is showing a narrow-minded view of the genre, it’s history and it’s games, that is just plain ridiculous.

Logic and reasons after the jump.


[Debate] The State of RPGs May 2, 2010

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NOTE: We here at The Pixelation Room don’t want the site to be just another gaming blog. We’re not going to be only news or editorials that state x is blatantly better than y and leave it at that. We want this to be a springboard for you, the reader, to weigh in on the most pressing issues facing our beloved industry. We’re all nerds. We’re opinionated and passionate by our very nature. If you’re up for a healthy debate, you’ve come to the right place. You have entered The Pixelation Room.

Welcome to our first debate. Let’s start with a bang, shall we?

Here at TPR, we love Role Playing Games. It’s safe to say that RPGs are our genre of choice. If you’re an RPG fan, especially if you’ve been playing them since the Super Nintendo days (the arguable golden age), then you’ve probably noticed an interesting paradigm shift in the genre. Yes, the Final Fantasy XIII reference was intentional.

Logic and reasons after the jump.