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Fans Vs. Nintendo: Also, Hey PXR! June 30, 2011

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Being a Nintendo fan is like having a divorced Dad. He takes you out on weekends but never came to your Pinewood Derby race.


Operation RainFail


I get why people love Nintendo, I love Nintendo. For a lot of us they introduced us to gaming, defined gaming for most of the late 80’s and 90’s and always deliver quality software and interesting hardware. That kind of impact doesn’t just leave you, which is why it’s so frustrating when you see a company you love make so many backwards decisions. The 3DS is a quality machine but the initial launch window has been a complete joke – 3 1/2 months for Zelda? Incredible title but come on! Where was all the win that was announced for the system when it was announced at last year’s E3? Oh, coming later. Gotcha.

The Wii was definitely the underdog this generation. It is constantly spit on by ‘hard core’ gamers for not having HD graphics, online and basically every feature that the PS3/360 does not have. I supported the Wii, still do to an extent. It had some of my favorite games this generation. Super Paper Mario, Mario Galaxies 1/2, Twilight Princess, Sakura Wars.. I could go on all day. It had some real gems that most people gloss over. However its hard to deny the aging hardware compared to what we get on rival consoles and PC – and third parties have essentially given up on the platform. It’s hard for the system to compete where HD and online are key components and the “Wii Sports” fad has worn off – You would think its time for Nintendo to leave the Wii behind because we got everything it has to offer right?

There are three specific games that the “Nintendo Hardcore” (i.e. Wii owners that don’t want Wii Play: Motion) want to see localized in America. Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story. The Last Story especially since its helmed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of classic Final Fantasy. Quality JRPGS are rare these days, Nintendo has actually announced to localize Xenoblade and The Last Story in English…for Europe. Naturally, the games are getting translated so America getting them would be a shoe in, right? Enter Operation: Rainfall.

Operation Rainfall is a massive fan movement to convince Nintendo that America wants these games. Fans over the country has written, phoned, tweeted and facebooked Nintendo, spamming them with countless messages that they want these games. Xenoblade is first on the list, in addition to massive spamming – Xenoblade (or Monado: Beginning of the World –original title-) was in the top 3 most preordered game on Amazon.com. Nintendo had one response to all of this.


Thanks Nintendo!


With companies like Atlus and Xseed bringing out countless of kickass obscure Japanese games and turning a profit, why is Nintendo of America acting like this? Maybe they will pull an Atlus like they did with Catherine and simply announce it out of the blue OR they won’t, making fans hack their Wii’s and play it illegally because they were forced to.



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