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[Review] BlayzBloo Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale August 9, 2010

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Welcome to part 2 of The Pixelation Room’s BlazBlue Bonanza. Today we’re reviewing the humorously titled BlayzBloo Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale. So without further ado, REBEL 2! FIGHT!

BlayzBloo Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale (or simply BBSMBBR so I don’t get carpal tunnel) is a downloadable game for the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL. This little game features cute, chibi members of the BlazBlue cast battling it out in 3D arenas similar to Power Stone or Super Smash Bros. Is it enough of a diversion to to be worth 500 Nintendo Points, or should you just save that $5 for it’s big brother Continuum Shift?

Let’s get this out of the way. The game is gosh-darn adorable, from the logo, which substitutes BlazBlue‘s title font (that looks like it’s made of knives), with one of the same shape but round and balloon-like, to it’s chibi, super-deformed characters. If you’ve played BlazBlue and watched any of the Teach Me Boobie Lady segments, you know what to expect.

There are five characters, Ragna, Jin, Noel, Rachel, and Taokaka. You hit B to jump, Y to attack, X to use and item and A to use your drive. Each character retains their drive from the other games, Ragna steals health, Jin freezes enemies, Noel’s extends her combos, Rachel has gusts of wind, and Tao dashes across the stage.

The controls are simple. There is no block, you have to run/jump away, and you attack just by mashing Y. If you’re Noel and you hit Y + Y + Y + A you throw your drive at the end of the attack, adding a couple of hits, and using Rachel’s wind during one of her combos rockets her into an enemy doing more damage, but that’s as deep as the battle system goes.

The graphics are all right. Clear character models with nice little touches like Rachel’s pigtails and Jin’s sleeves blowing in the wind. The textures are on the pixel-y side, making it look like an N64 game (or maybe I’ve just been spoiled by Dragon Quest IX). The stages are based on ones from BlazBlue such as Halloween Town, Taokaka’s hometown, and the Librarium. Parts of these levels, like the giant pumpkins in Rachel’s stage, or the giant angel statue in the Library look like they’ve been pulled right out of the console game and de-rezed. All in all, it’s not necessarily pretty, but it does the job well. As for the music, besides the upbeat and catchy title screen song, nothing in the sound department is new. Stage music, sound effects, and character voices were all ripped from the other games.

There are two modes, a single player mode where you pick a character and battle through five matches, and a free battle mode where you can choose your stage, turn off items, set rules, or play wirelessly with friends who also have the game.

There are three different types of battles, Life, Point, and Flag. The names are self-explanatory, in Life you fight until the enemy’s HP gauge is depleted, Point has you battling to collect bowls of soba noodles, and Flag has everyone fighting over Litchi’s pet panda, the winner being whomever holds it when time runs out.

The biggest issue is that BlayzBloo doesn’t have a lot of content. There are only five characters, and no unlocks. Bang’s kunai and Arakune’s mask appear as items, but there is no Bang or Arakune. Not even Miss Litchi, star of the chibi Teach Me Boobie Lady cartoons is present. I understand why character’s like Carl or Hakumen didn’t make the cut, their drives would be difficult to translate into this simplified 3D brawler format (Carl controls a robot and Hakumen counters incoming moves), but they took liberties with Noel’s drive, so they could have done so with the other characters. Arakune could summon bees instead of cursing, Bang could teleport or use Radical Super Crash, etc. Tager’s ability to draw characters towards him or Tsubaki’s charge would work and actually have been cool in this game.

There are only 10 items, 5 that can be thrown, like bombs or a bowling ball, and 5 that alter your status, like bunny ears that increase your jump, or a mushroom that makes your character  a screen-filling giant a lá New Super Mario Bros. But the most useful item is the fake treasure chests, and only when the AI (who can’t tell the difference) attacks them.

Playing through the single player mode consists of five stages and these can be beaten in about 5 minutes, maybe 7 or 8, if you die a lot. You can essentially beat the game with every character in about 45 minutes.

While it lasts, the game is really cute and actually quite fun. You’ll find yourself complaining about the lack if characters or items, but you’ll also find yourself hitting the “single player mode” button over and over. It’s definitely a silly diversion, though not a long one.

However, it is difficult to recommend, especially with Nintendo’s pricing structure (having to buy points in $10 increments online, or $2o in brick-and-mortar stores). If you’re a BlazBlue fan that has 500 points lying around, pick this up and have a laugh. Otherwise, I say just shell out the $40 for Continuum Shift.



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